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We provide great services and ideass

We, a Chennai based Startup, are in the process of building next generation communication technology products. Education and communication are our two prime areas. We are in the process of creating intuitive learning solutions in the education domain and user-generated, unbiased ratings systems to truthfully appraise various products and services.

We believe transparency and teamwork will take us towards the top. Adopting these two principles, we can certainly create ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to enhance our work ethics.

Over the period, we got a great team to implement any kind of challenging assignments. Our incredible team comprises of Video Editors, Java Developers, Web Developers, 2D & 3D Animation artists.

Besides, working for our idea, we are willing to provide turnkey solutions for website development, creating U.I. Interface for software and apps and making animated and non-animated films of all kinds. Also, we are willing to develop any type of education tools as per your requirement. We even take care of idea conceptualization to deliver the ready-to-launch products.

Our Product

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True to our name, Inspire Media Tech is making ‘inspiring products and solutions,’ and has always been at the forefront of creating novel ideas to enhance the life of the people. Our technically competent team is ready to explore the unknown territory in the tech and media domains to discover new things and disrupt the conformists.

Ticket Booking

We have created an exclusive ticket booking module. Using this payment-gateway linked module, anybody can book all kinds of transport services (cab, bus, train, flight etc.). They can also book movies and restaurant tickets. The user can easily view the complete transaction in one place. Booking for various services made simpler and better in our portal.


One can recharge their phone data, pay for set-top-box subscription with a few mouse clicks. It’s your post-paid or pre-paid SIM Card, you don’t need to worry. The UPI payment gateway integrated system will assist you to pay the precise amount for these services. Recharge can be done even from your mobile phone. Our responsive portal will open from all kinds of digital communication devices.


While brainstorming, we found there is no ‘credible, independent user-generated ratings system’ available to ratify various products and services in an unbiased manner. The result is the legendary Ratings Plus idea. We sincerely believe this groundbreaking idea will redefine the ‘art and science’ of ratings with its transparent, people-centric system.

Incentivized Market Research and Surveys

Have you ever heard of a company which got ‘truthful market research’ about their product or service? They say,’ that’s impossible. Defying that age-old belief, we say, that is very much possible. And the proof is our blockchain-based market research and survey platform – IMRS, where the survey only reaches the target audience and they’ll be paid for their valuable opinion. How it can be done by us. To know this, kindly click read more.

Smart Learning System

While closely observing the education sector for the past one decade, our team found, still there is a lack of good content. And most of the people are spending huge money to access some poor quality education materials. To fill this void, we’ve designed this ‘Smart Learning System.’ Created with the purpose of providing ‘affordable education’ to the masses, our learning system will certainly disrupt the domain and we are confident of grabbing a sizeable market share quickly.


Our idea ‘Mycryptolock’ helps the user to store his various usernames and passwords. The info will be secretly kept in the encrypted form. Except the user, no one else will access the data. Using this tool, we can store all our sensitive personal info, usernames, and passwords in a single place. The app and web version also available for this tool.


Who doesn’t want the ‘golden proverbs’ and sayings of great men and women. Our dedicate site for quotes will give you quotes and sayings from various categories. You can view the quotes by subject-wise or author-wise in this portal. This responsive site can be viewed from any media device. Alongside quotes, we can also see the relevant static or animated images. To increase the fun quotient, we have also enabled ‘social media sharing’ option.

Vaaga Oor Suthalam

The ratings based travel portal guides the user to find out the verified service providers in the travel industry. Besides, it also highlights several lesser-known tourism spots in India and abroad. The biggest problem for the travelers is to find the reliable service providers. This site solves this nagging problem by giving ‘user-ratified service providers list’ for the tourists to have peace of mind while undertaking the arduous journey.


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